Ultra Calming – Treatment of oily skin and acne

Procedure aimed at removing dirt and sebum from the skin

Oily skin is mainly characterized by increased sebum secretion. It has a particularly glossy appearance, mainly on the forehead and the wings of the nose. Its main feature is its dilated pores and blackheads. It is thick skin and therefore remains youthful for longer, as it does not show easy relaxation and many fine wrinkles. But when a wrinkle is created it is usually deep and more difficult to treat than the fine surface wrinkles of a dry skin.

The pH of oily skin is alkaline and this in combination with the presence of fat superficially favours the growth of germs. Thus, oily skin is easily infected when the person has a habit of pressing the blackheads or pimples that he may have.

Treatment is ideal for skin with intense pores and sebum.

The frequency of applications depends on each case and the way of treatment is individualized, as well as the therapeutic products that we recommend being used at home.

Time of application: 60 minutes

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