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Experience the ultimate in hair removal with our cutting-edge Medical Italian lasers of DEKA, the most advanced and expensive in Europe.

Our  technology ensures excellent results with No Pain in fewer sessions, addressing Any skin,  hair type and color year round.


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The AGAIN PRO by Italian DEKA is an advanced platform featuring increased power, faster treatment speeds, and new pulses designed for fair and thin hair. This versatile system uses 775 Alexandrite and 1064 nm Nd:YAG to provide reliable and cost-effective treatments for all hair types. Treatment times are reduced by 50%, with enhanced performance due to a variety of spot sizes and higher system power effectively.The laser treats both dark and fair, thin hair, including delicate areas, thanks to its short pulses. It delivers fast, safe, and comfortable treatments with high peak power and superior cooling.


Motus AX, one of Europe’s top medical lasers also by DEKA, delivers outstanding results in a few sessions. Using Alexandrite laser and Moveo technology, it safely removes hair and pigment lesions for all skin tones. This technology maximizes energy absorption, achieving up to 90% hair removal in 6 – 8 treatments. Safe for use during summer and on dark skin, Motus AX features a cooling tip for enhanced comfort during  sessions.