Oxygen therapy – OxyGeneo

Geneo+ combines two innovative therapies, Tripollar RF and OxyGeneo.

Tripollar RF stimulates the fibroblasts, and we have the production of new collagen, as a result of which we have the tightening of the skin. The production of collagen continues in the following days, and we have improved skin texture and reduction of facial wrinkles. Preparing the skin for the second phase of treatment.

OxyGeneo technology is performed using the Capsugen head (disposable for each treatment) and a special therapeutic gel. Exfoliation is performed first to allow the active ingredients to penetrate the skin. The CO2 bubbles created by the gel cause the oxygen-enriched blood to rise to the surface and oxygenate the skin, while at the same time the active substances penetrate.

Depending on the needs of each case, we will choose between Neorevive & Neobright capsules.

Neorevive has Anti-Aging and regenerative effects and Neobright contributes to whitening, radiance and nourishment.

The treatment is completed with the massage head for even greater absorption of the substances.

Suitable for all skin types.

Does not cause redness and skin irritation.

The treatment can be applied on the eve or on the same day of an important event, but for a complete result with duration, all six sessions must be done once a week.

Time of application: 60 minutes

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